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what is a crew?

a small group of people choosing to come together to grow as disciples of Christ


how do I join?

1. Pick your crew type below.
2. Select the crew you want to join.
3. Click join and register.

Join a Crew

interested in leading a crew?

crew info

How many people are involved in a Crew?

  • A Crew Leader

  • An Apprentice

  • 10-12 Crew Members/ 5-6 Couples

When do Crews meet?

  • Spring (February-April)

  • Fall (September - November)


What kind of Crews are available? 

  • Men

  • Women

  • Couples

  • Co-ed 

  • Seniors

  • Young Adults


What does a Crew gathering look like?​

  • A Crew gathering typically takes place in someone's home, coffee shops, in the community, at our church building, or online.

  • A Crew meeting is about about 90 minutes in length and has a time of hanging out, teaching and/or study, personal check-ins, prayer, and more hanging out. 

  • Some have asked if kids are welcome.  Great question!  Each Crew is different.  Some Crews are "Family Friendly"! Click the "join a crew" button below to see what is currently available.

How do I join a Crew?

  • Joining a Crew is simple!  Click the button below & select a day, time, and date

still have questions?

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